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I make all the Minecraft skins on my own. I try to put as much quality and awesomeness into my skins as possible. On the right you will see the suggestion box. A very very important box. You can write the name of a character, or specific details so that i can make you a completely custom skin to your likings! After i make your skin, it will be on the skin gallery page for you to download for free. Another magical feature of this magical website is the magical donation button! Every $5 dollars i make will result in me posting one of my extra special skin packs! Of course you dont have to donate, but with your donations my site will grow. If you are having trouble downloading or installing a skin, check out the FAQ. If that doesnt help you, send an e-mail to screenscape@live.com.

Every $5 i earn will result in me posting one of my extra special skin packs! So the more money i get, the better the site will get. So feel free to donate any ammount you like.

A note to commenters: Please include a name with the comment, because if you leave it blank, you come up as anonymous.

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